Twitterpated| Engagement {Round Lake Centre, On Photographer}

We wrapped this session up in under 15 minutes.  How is that for efficient?

Erin and Chris got engaged just a couple of weeks ago, and with all of the craziness that has been this summer, our schedules just didn’t match up.  The only time that we had to get a few photos together was immediately before they left the cottage to head back to their home in Quebec, so I snapped a handful of quick photos of them while they packed their car to leave.  We didn’t get a lot, but we had to take advantage; Since they live in another province, it could be a long while before we get to spend some time together again.  Hopefully we can sneak in another photo session over the holidays this winter.

But enough rambling; Onto the photos!  Congratulations Erin and Chris!!

FB Erin and Chris 06 FB Erin and Chris 08FB Erin and Chris 02FB Erin and Chris 07FB Erin and Chris 01FB Erin and Chris 04FB Erin and Chris 10 FB Erin and Chris 11FB Erin and Chris 05


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