Red Thread | Adoption and Fostering {Princeton, On Photographer}

This post has been sitting on the back burner for a while, waiting to be published.  Waiting seems to be a theme here.

Four years ago, these two beat tremendous odds to conceive their little boy.  One of the ways that they celebrated their joy was by documenting the experience of that pregnancy in photos.

It has been a few years since those days, but all of that time has been a continuation of their journey as they wish and wait for a sibling for their son.  It is very likely that their next child will come into their lives in a different way than their first son did, and with that in mind, they wanted to document this part of their journey as well – to show their future child that they looked forward to meeting them with just as much anticipation, love and joy.

These two have been through years of home visits, inspections, interviews, meetings and medical appointments and waiting and waiting and waiting.  Through it all, they remain steadfast that all of their children will be worth the wait.

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One thought on “Red Thread | Adoption and Fostering {Princeton, On Photographer}

  1. Beautiful…family, story and pictures! As you know, Melissa, your story and family have been very close to my heart! Wishing you all many Blessings! Hugs from Val Thomson.

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