10 on 10 Challenge and Other News

I am so excited to be part of a new circle project with three lovely and talented photographers from across the country – Jena Asgari, Jane MacDonald, and Lorelei Bennett.

On the 10th day of each month, we will each post 10 photographs based on a common theme or topic.  We will each link to another photographer’s post, so that you can follow along with all four of us by following the links in a circle.

I am looking forward to seeing how they all interpret each challenge, and to being pushed out of my comfort zone by the topics themselves.  The first instalment of the challenge will be posted on September 10th, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’ve been busily scouting around for some neat locations to use for photos and I’m hoping to have a new lens in hand shortly.  There’s about a thousand things that I want to buy, but we’d have to sell our house to get them, so … patience is a virtue.

And, just because I want to share, here is a cute photo of my little man who turned four last week.  He’ll be starting kindergarten next week and I’m not even close to ready.  Hoping to get some nice photos of all of the boys for the start of school, so stay tuned for that as well.

Nathan4thBday-10 copy


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