Tales of a Fifth Grade Something | Grade School Portraits {Woodstock, On Photographer}

Fifth Grade.  FIFTH GRADE!!  Already!??

On his very first day of Junior Kindergarten, I was so anxious about letting him go that I rode the bus with him.  I was “that” mom.  Poor, embarrassed, horrified little man.  He was so ready to be independent already, even back then.  I was the one who had separation anxiety.  Here’s a flashback six years:

FB 2007.09.07Gosh he was cute back then.

And now he’s 10.  Six years just flew by.  He’s not as tolerant of having his photo taken these days, but a little bribery helped.  Good luck in Grade Five, buddy.  You’ve got this.

FB BenGr5-36 FB BenGr5-15 FB BenGr5-13 FB BenGr5-101 FB BenGr5-99 FB BenGr5-98 FB BenGr5-88 FB BenGr5-81 FB BenGr5-73 FB BenGr5-62 FB BenGr5-55


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