Frecklejuice | Grade School Portraits {Woodstock, On Photographer}

People were starting to ask where my poor, neglected little Jacob was.  I swear I only left him until last because he is the easiest of the bunch and I knew that we could hammer them out quickly enough.  He didn’t disappoint me at all.  And considering that September is not even finished, and I have managed to get a series of back to school photos of each of them completed, I think that constitutes a success.  I deserve something for that.  Maybe a glass of wine?

Jacob is my little shy-guy.  Fiery red hair, a smattering of freckles, and the funniest laugh that you have ever heard.  This guy is a sweetie.  It will be interesting to see how he changes (or doesn’t!) by the end of the year.

FB IMG_6530 FB IMG_6525 FB IMG_6523FB IMG_6547FB IMG_6576 FB IMG_6560FB IMG_6641bwFB IMG_6589 FB IMG_6596FB IMG_6646 FB IMG_6656FB IMG_6661FB IMG_6615bw FB IMG_6728


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