Mike and Lauryn | Family {London, On Photographer}

Mike and Lauryn are pretty good about letting me shove a camera in their faces.  We thought we’d try to snag some time to get a few fall photos with Owen, who is creeping up on four months old already.

The universe conspired against us, though.  The sun dropped before we could get out, so we didn’t have much time.  Someone sprayed graffiti (and not even cool graffiti) all over the platform that we wanted to take pictures on.  Owen was pretty tired and he mostly gave me the stink eye until he finally fell asleep.

Despite all of that, we still managed to get a few keepers.

FB IMG_6882edit copyFB IMG_6889edit copyFB IMG_6896edit copyFB IMG_6921edit copyFB IMG_6933edit copyFB IMG_6964edit copyFB IMG_6982edit copyFB IMG_6984edit copyFB IMG_6985edit copyFB IMG_7040edit copyFB IMG_7092edit copyFB IMG_7102edit copyFB IMG_7104edit copy


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