Day in the Life | 10 on 10 Challenge

Our challenge for this month’s 10 on 10 project was “Day in the Life”.  It’s pretty hard to condense a day into 10 photos.  I made it a little easier on myself by deciding that it would be a faceless project, and also by cheating once again and collaging some photos and considering them “one”.  I’m a rebel like that.

Welcome to a typical day in our household.  (And, after you are done here, you can run on over to check out what a day in the life of Jena Asgari is like.)

As usual, Alex has me up before the alarm is set to go off.  It becomes a matter of determining whether there is enough time to go back to sleep for a while, or if I should just get up anyway.  This one is a “just get up anyway” wake up.  Sean has already been gone for a couple of hours at this point.

IMG_7151 copy

This past month has been a long one.  Sean has been working crazy amounts of overtime and he’s hardly been home.  Alex still hasn’t sorted out how to sleep through the night, so we’re typically still up three or four times.  I am sure that most normal, thoughtful children don’t do this to their parents when they are nearly 11 months old – right?  Right?

And just because the universe is kind of a jerk, Alex is also sick today.  This meant that he was awake a few extra times, on top of his usual.  No matter – sleep is for the weak.

IMG_7163 copy

Mornings are always chaotic.  So are bedtimes.  And most of the day in between.  I should be more prepared than I am, but the truth is that I am the sort of mom who is always scrambling to find clean socks (matching is a bonus!) in the morning and doesn’t realize until 30 minutes before the school bell is set to go off that we are out of bread for sandwiches.

Case in point – did you realize that today is picture day at school?  Me neither!!  And Jacob wants to wear a tie?  Do we even own any ties?  COME ON UNIVERSE!!  (Interesting fact: we actually do own two children’s ties.  Who knew?!)

IMG_7253 copy

There are a million things that needed to be done today.  But most of the day I just laid in bed with Alex because it was the only way that he would sleep.  So here is a treat of some still shots of Call the Midwife on the TV.  It’s a pretty good show, and you should probably watch it.  Go, now.  I’ll wait.

IMG_7340 copy

(Full disclosure, I almost didn’t add a photo of the TV because I can actually feel Sean rolling his eyes.  I swear that I don’t lay in bed and watch TV all day while he’s out digging wells in the dirt.  Well, not usually.  This day I pretty much did, but it was Alex’s fault for being sick.  Take it up with him.)

When we were up, we did accomplish some things, like laundry and dishes – just the washing part and not the putting away part, if I’m totally honest.  Part of me wishes that I had really interesting, exciting photos of my day to share, but most of me is too tired to care about impressing you.  Look, my sink!  🙂

IMG_7242 copy

We are at that stage of life where everyone that we know is having babies.  Among them is one of my oldest and dearest girl friends.  We have been friends for nearly thirty years, but after high school life took us to different cities, and we rarely get to see each other in person these days, so I am so looking forward to visiting her this weekend and bringing her some gifts for the little one that she is expecting in December.

IMG_7344 copy

The boys get home from school around quarter to four in the afternoon.  One huge bonus of having a totally mature and responsible 10 year old is that I don’t have to pack up the baby to pick up or drop off the kids at school.  Ben collects his younger brothers from their classrooms and gets them safely to and fro every day.  Once the kids are home from school, they spend a couple of hours outside on the trampoline.

Well, most of them.  Ben usually disappears within the first half hour to go play video games with his school friends, and we won’t see him again until it’s time to eat.  After a while, Jacob abandons Nathan to come inside and make his own stories on paper.  But Nathan will kill hours in the sandbox.   Nathan loves loves loves playing in the dirt.

IMG_7187 copy

The evening is always a sprint to the finish line.  Somehow, I never end up accomplishing as much as I think I will or should during the day.  So imagine a bunch of photos here of paying bills, making dinner, doing homework, bathing kids, brushing teeth and all of that good stuff.  Somewhere around 7:30 or 8:00 in the evening, we get to the best part of the day – which is this:

IMG_7328 copy

Dirty, sandy, sloppy work boots at the door mean that Sean is home for the night.  Hallelujah!!  By this time, I don’t even care that he comes in and stomps his boots and shakes his clothes to scatter sand and dirt all over the floor.  Who knew that the sight of dirty work boots could make me so giddy inside?

Normally, I would have done some running around at some point during the day.  But a lot of things fell by the wayside because Alex isn’t much of a fan of being put down at the best of times, much less when he’s feeling under the weather.  Once Sean was home I popped out for a few minutes, because at least I could be down by three (Alex still tagged along with me).  On the plus side, I realized that we were out of milk before the AM rush tomorrow.  Mental note: We are overdue for an oil change.

IMG_7314 copy

And that, folks, is a typical day in my life these days.  Once all of the kids are tucked in, this party animal is ready to hit the sheets and cuddle with her husband.  Looking forward to the days where we’re not so tired that we can’t stay up past 10 pm, but for now – lights out (if I haven’t put you to sleep already).

IMG_7350 copy

Thanks for spending the day with me.  That’s all you’re getting from me, because I’m totally beat.


2 thoughts on “Day in the Life | 10 on 10 Challenge

  1. Sam I love how raw and honest and beautifully articulated let alone depicted your typical day is! Way to go bella considering the normal ups and downs of mommy hood you managed to photo and blog on top of a sick angel. You are amazing! Love and appreciation bella or should I say superstar ? 😛

  2. This is amazing Sam.It takes me back.I have tears in my eyes. You have the most wonderful way of expressing yourself in both your pictures and your words. I love you .

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