Happy Halloween Everyone | Holidays

This is Alex’s first Halloween.

And I’m not ready!!

I mean that in a literal sense.  I’m actually not ready.  This month has just gone by so fast and I feel like I have accomplished nothing.  We didn’t decorate, we didn’t go to the pumpkin patch, or corn maze, or haunted anything.  I finally picked up candy last night.  I think that all of the kids have costumes at this point.  We didn’t make them this year.  With Sean working so much overtime this month, we’ve just been in survival mode.  But, they’ll get out tonight and they’ll trick or treat, and they’ll be happy with that.  Hopefully next year we’ll be back in our groove.

Yesterday I stopped by to visit a couple of my nephews.  Baby O is dressing up as a lion this year for his first Halloween, so we decided to take some photos of him with Alex in his tiger costume.  I love babies in costumes!  These two just melt my heart.

Happy first Halloween, you little animals!!

FB IMG_7988 copyFB IMG_8009 copyFB IMG_8075 copyFB IMG_8084 copyFB IMG_8086 copyFB IMG_8000 copyFB IMG_8028 copyFB IMG_8051 copy FB IMG_8039 copyFB IMG_8120 copyFB IMG_7990 copyFB IMG_8162 copy


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