Hands | 10 on 10 Challenge

The theme for this month’s 10 on 10 challenge was hands.  I actually had a few different ideas for this theme, not all of which actually included hands in a traditional sense, and the one that I ended up wanting to do was taking photos of several people’s hands with messages written on them that sort of represented what they believed in or words that they lived by.

In the end, I decided just to work with photos of my husband’s hands.  I realized after we took the photos that Sean’s hands didn’t even need messages written on them.  The message is already there, in the callouses and dirt and scars and cuts.

He is, without a doubt, the hardest working person that I have ever known.

FB 10on10_01

Right now, we are a single income family.  Sean is often gone 80+ hours a week doing hard labour to provide for all six of us.  It doesn’t matter if it is blazing hot or pouring rain or mind-numbing cold.  He wakes up every morning at 4:30 am, shrugs on his work clothes, and heads out the door.  There are weeks where he is pulling in so much overtime that we really don’t see him at all.  And he never complains.  He believes that if you work hard enough, you can have anything.

True to life, he wasn’t home much this past month to take photos.  I wasn’t really able to get the series that I imagined in my head.  But that comes with the territory these days.  I tell myself that it will not always be this busy, and he will not always work this hard.

FB 10on10_2and3FB 10on10_04FB 10on10_05FB 10on10_06and7FB 10on10_08FB 10on10_09FB 10on10_10

These are the hands of a man who believes that you live the life that you earn.  ♥♥♥

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3 thoughts on “Hands | 10 on 10 Challenge

  1. Love it! especially those hard working hands clutching his baby. I have my own little montage of pictures of T’s hands. It’s my own powerful reminder that one of those hands works so much harder than anyone else’s just to get things done.

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