Snow {Love} Birds | Maternity {Acton, On}

Miranda and I have been friends for almost a decade.  In fact, if not for her, I never would have met my husband.  I guess you could say that the boys owe her their lives.  😉  When in doubt, marry into your best friend’s family.  It’s just good advice.

Miranda and Kevin are expecting their first baby, and she and I have been wanting to take some photos together for ages.  They live several hours away, and it wasn’t easy to arrange our schedules for this – in fact, we really pushed it to the wire, because baby K is due to arrive in the next couple of weeks!  We debated for a while where to take the photos – should she come to me, or should I go to her, or should we meet in the middle?  I knew that she wanted some nice wintry, snowy outdoor photos and it had been pretty warm and green here.

Up until yesterday, that is.  We had finally decided to meet about an hour from here for yesterday, and a winter storm just dumped on the whole area.  With windchill, the temperatures were dropping to -20 degrees celsius.  That’s what happens when you ask for a little snow.  But Miranda and Kevin braved the cold anyway, and we managed to get a few photos (though we couldn’t stay out long!)

Congratulations you two – I can’t wait to meet my new little niece in the new year.  ♥



2 thoughts on “Snow {Love} Birds | Maternity {Acton, On}

  1. Well we both know I wasn’t too keen on the idea of you dating my little brother (at first). I seriously wanted to keep you all to my self (Seriously…I was jealous) 😉 BUT you were meant to be together and I couldn’t be happier about it!….plus I got amazing nephews out of it as well! Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures! Love you!

  2. did not even recognize miranda and am thrilled with these and the news! Congratulations to the beautiful couple on such amazing news and great shots

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