Back Light {Week 7} | 2014 Project 52

We are continuing with directional light this week and exploring back lighting.  I’ve changed my mind from what I was originally going to post because I got me some love from Jacob on his way in from school today.

I have to admit that I haven’t been outside much this winter.  It’s been so bloody cold out and I don’t want to keep Alex out in it, since the snow is too deep for him to run around in and he just ends up getting stuck in one spot and getting chilly.  But on days like today, when the sky is beautiful and blue and the sun is shining, I want to go outside.  At least, until I do go outside and remember that the cold is at it’s most bitter on clear days like this.

At any rate, here is my darling second son, back lit by a beautiful winter afternoon sun.  Is winter a little bit cheating because the snow acts as a natural reflector?  I don’t think so, because you use what’s available, right?  I do want to try some without the snow to see the difference as well though.  I’d also like to shoot with some sun flare coming in, but I couldn’t get that angle from the window I was shooting from (that’s right, I wasn’t going outside haha).  I definitely could have closed down my aperture here instead of increasing my shutter speed so much, but I’m still getting used to this camera and I’m still a bit faster at changing shutter speed vs aperture.  As always, fellow P52 participants, I am open to CC on this.

ISO 250

ed IMG_1727 blog

I will also be posting more directional light photos later in the week as I continue to play with it.  I will be visiting some family over the weekend, so I should have lots to share soon.  🙂

Please check out Colleen‘s take on this week’s theme and follow the circle to see some beautiful photos!


2 thoughts on “Back Light {Week 7} | 2014 Project 52

  1. These are so cute! I think it’s hilarious you were shooting from a window…I wouldn’t want to be outside in that much snow either (I’m from Texas, enough said lol)! My fave is that second one with him making the little heart. That is so much snow!!!!

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