Low Light {Week 8} | 2014 Project 52

I have a boat load of photos from the bowling alley, but I’m not loving them and I realized why.

Noise doesn’t bother me so much in some photos, particularly intense black and white.  But the bowling alley needed colour.  And I wasn’t loving the noise in the colour images.  I also max out my shutter speed at 180 when I use the speedlite, and I’m not convinced that I love the result when shooting kids who are running around, especially when you combine that with some noise.  I think that I’ll have to play in that environment a little more to get results that I am happy with.  (I need to go bowling more often = first world problem, right?)

Also, looking at them now I can see that I didn’t take advantage of all of the great lines in a bowling alley.  Looking at the environment before I start shooting is something that I want to work on.

For fun, here are a couple from the bowling alley:

ISO 25600
Bounced flash from Speedlite 430ex II

ed bowling logo

But here is my submission for the week.  Light source is an iPad, with some natural ambient light reduced in post processing.

ISO 12800

ed IMG_2313 logoNext in the circle is Martine and her submission for this week’s challenge.


4 thoughts on “Low Light {Week 8} | 2014 Project 52

  1. I can see why you want to include color in the bowling alley pictures. It has pretty colored lights! And your choice of composition in the iPad photo — where you placed him in the frame, and the direction he facing, and how much of him is showing — is absolutely perfect!!! I like that we can see a bit of what’s on the screen too.

  2. I love the bowling photos! Really fun and colorful. I think you did a great job with the challenging light & colors. I think you did a nice job with your compositions as well b/c even though they’re all centered, there is a nice variety within that centered composition…The fun bowling shoes, your son between the rows of chairs making eye contact with the camera, the three little ones in action! And I love that last one and that you chose to keep it in color b/c a lot of low light images end up being converted to b&w. Great job not blowing the highlights on the iPad screen…I’m impressed that we can see a lot of the screen image there!

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