Welcome Baby K! | Newborn {Cambridge, On}

I was hoping to catch this little man in hospital and get some photos of him just after he was born.  He made his momma wait and wait – 41 weeks!!  I guess that he was wise enough to know that he had tested her patience enough by going overdue, so he made a quick entrance to the world with a speedy labour.  Both of them were doing so great that they were home before I could make my way to the hospital.

I stopped by to see him at home when he was just three days old.  He is a darling baby.  He has the sweetest little face, beautiful lips, and his hair!  Too much cuteness in one little seven pound bundle.

This young man had the world’s coolest faux-hawk.  And, really, this face … he is such a doll!Blog-Knox5
Baby K’s grandma might be the world’s coolest lady.  Not only an amazing photographer and master of sewing, she is an incredible woodworker as well!  She handcrafted this amazing baby cradle.  I was just blown away.  You can’t buy craftsmanship like this!  What a lucky baby.


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