Where We Live {April} | Blog Challenge 2014

Yep, I joined another blog circle project.  In fact, I joined two more, so you will see another project before the end of the month as well.  Pretty ambitious for someone who was struggling to keep up with my initial challenge.  However, these two new ones will be posted monthly rather than weekly, so I’m hoping that will keep it more manageable.

The challenge in this circle is to post images from where we live each month.  I will be posting photographs of my small town of Woodstock, Ontario (population 35,000).

After the worst winter that we have had in a long time, the snow has finally started melting and the sun has finally started shining again.  Everything is still looking pretty brown and gray, though – typical of early spring before the final remnants of dirty snow have melted and the buds and leaves have started to grow.  A lot of ice, pavement, and dead grass so far.

But the trails along the waterfront still manage to be lovely at this ugly time of year.  So I snapped a few photos in Roth Park as the sun was setting.

BlogAprLiveHere8BlogAprLiveHere5BlogAprLiveHere7BlogAprLiveHere2BlogAprLiveHere3Follow the circle to visit the hometowns of the rest of the group.  Up next is Sheila Clapperton Photography.



8 thoughts on “Where We Live {April} | Blog Challenge 2014

  1. I love how you used reflection in these images- especially that image in the second row. Just stunning. You vegetation may be brown & gray, but you’ve captured vibrant colors in those sunsets.

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