We Were There {April} | Blog Circle 2014

One of the things that is kind of crappy about photographing your family is that you are pretty much guaranteed to never be in any of the photos. And, someday, when your kids are looking back on those pictures, the only one who will be missing from all of them is you.

Because I want my kids to have photographs of us together, one of the three blog challenges that I am participating in is the “Just Us 12 Times” Challenge. The purpose of this one is to get in the photos with our kids, and not just take photos of our kids, at least once every month. Ideally, at the end of one year, we will have at least 12 photos that include us.

Here is my April edition of “We Were There 2014”.  The weather can’t make up it’s mind yet about whether or not it’s spring or still winter and half the time we are still wearing mitts and hats outside, but we’ve had a sprinkling of days where it has been warm enough to pretend summer is coming anyway.  Everything is still brown and dead here.  I can’t wait until the leaves and blossoms show up.

We spent Easter in London and the kids had an egg hunt with all of the cousins.  We also drove back to Sault Ste Marie to see everyone as well. The kids got to help Dad with the maple syrup gather on the Island.  Winter is holding on even harder up there, and they were sinking in the snow right up to their thighs, so their boots were completely soaked and muddy.  We ended up having to buy them new shoes to wear while we were visiting.

Poppa had some health troubles and was in the hospital while we were there.  He was in good spirits and looked great though, and was back home before the end of the month.  I meant to get some photos when we were visiting him, but we got too caught up talking and then I had to shoo the kids out because they were rolling around on the floors and making all kinds of noise.

Our trampoline is a daily afternoon activity for the kids, and probably the best investment that we have made in our backyard. I’ve so far considered it a great method of keeping the kids entertained while I do something else, and I think I only went on it once since we bought it. Until this challenge. And, actually, I forgot how fun these things are! 😀

Believe it or not, though, I actually didn’t manage to get one photo with all six of us.  Mostly because by the time Sean got home from work, the kids were running out of enthusiasm for the camera.  Still, we are “in” these photos.

Blog ed WWTApril-1Blog ed WWTApril-31Blog ed WWTApril-8Blog ed WWTApril-30Blog ed WWTApril-28Blog ed WWTApril-16Blog ed WWTApril-37

And, in the spirit of the challenge of actually having a complete “family” photo, I have one more to share from this month.  It was actually our first attempt at a family selfie, and we did it at bed time with no natural light.  I was trying to set it up just using the EOS app, since I couldn’t get behind the camera to set the focus properly, and that was an epic failure.  All of the photos are soft and they’re all noisy as well.  But I saved one anyway, because all six of us are in it, and it’s just real life.

Blog ed IMG_5215

Please follow the blog circle to the talented Jennifer Hill to see her making an appearance in front of her camera!  And after that, go and get in a photo with your own family.  And after that, go for a jump on a trampoline –  I swear it is even more fun than you remember!


5 thoughts on “We Were There {April} | Blog Circle 2014

  1. Oh my gosh, soooo fun! Please frame some of these!? They capture such joy! We’ve been dying for a trampoline, but I’m super nervous with having a pool and broken bones.:)

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