T-Ball {Ordinary, Everyday} | Just My Kids

This month Nathan started T-ball with my nephew.  Our first night was basically just a meet and greet to get the schedules and the uniforms. I snapped a few photos of Nathan and Isaac practicing their skills. 🙂  I only just realized while looking at these photos how much Nathan has grown in the past several months.  He isn’t my chubby little toddler any longer.  😦

So far, the kids have had one practice and two games.  It’s a bunch of 4 year olds, so it’s about as organized as you imagine, but overall they have done much better than I was expecting!  For the most part, the kids are able to hit a ball pitched to them, and most of the time they remember to run the bases.

The first couple of times, Nathan resisted going.  But he has fun once he is there, and I think it is growing on him.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect, since he’d never been in organized sports before and he can be kind of contrary about doing things.

Sean is pleased because Nathan was assigned to the position second baseman, which was the position that he used to play in baseball.  I have no idea what sort of baseball player Sean was as a child, but Nathan is not what I would call “committed” to the game.  He spends most of his time inspecting the dirt and spinning in circles.

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