We Were There {August}| Blog Circle 2014

This month we (at least I, haha) wanted to take our family photo on my Grandma’s couch in her living room.  My favourite family photo from my childhood was taken on that couch many moons ago.

And so here are both – my favourite family photo from 1988, and (26 years later) the same couch, the same room, and my new family.


We took this photo in the midst of our annual vacation at the cottage.  It was long overdue.  Sean works too hard and was in desperate need of a break.  I think he loves the cottage more than we do.  Already he is crushed that we won’t be back for another twelve months.

Ben is our water baby and spent the entire week in the lake.  Jacob and Nathan are more cautious around the water and are content to play on shore (Jacob with a life vest, always).  Alex is taking after Ben with his fearlessness, so I think Ben will finally have someone to swim with, aside from the grown ups.  The boys spent the week playing with their cousins, and we grown ups spent the week playing like kids.  Highlights of the week were tubing behind Ojo’s speedboat, canoe rides, riding the vintage bicycles that Sean unearthed in the garage, visiting with my Grandma (she’ll be 96 next month!), the guys competing over EVERYTHING, getting to play inside of a real OPP cruiser with the lights and sirens on, playing washer toss and card games, bonfires, fireworks and smore’s on the beach, and sending Mark paper lanterns for his birthday.

It’s hard to believe how fast the summer goes.  It’s already time to start thinking about school again.  The boys are starting to get anxious about it.  Mainly Jacob.  He’s the most likely to worry out of the bunch.  Grade 3 isn’t easy like Grade 2, he says.  It’s a big deal when you are eight years old.  He’ll no longer be considered one of the “little kids” at school.

Nathan turned five this month, and we celebrated with a space age party and outdoor movie at dusk at Uncle Luke’s house.  Jacob finally got his last spacer out at the dentist, much to his relief.  We finished tiling the floor in the upstairs bathroom, completing a project that should have taken two days in 4 weeks.  We like to pace ourselves around here.  I second shot two more beautiful weddings this month, alongside the amazing Bobbi-Jo of Love Bee Photography.  Ben, Jacob, Nathan, and I participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge, thanks to nominations from my cousin Jennifer and their cousin Sadie.

I also want to say happy anniversary to my husband this month.  You are my best friend in this world and my favourite person to spend time with.  I love you, and I like you.  ♥

BLOG IMG_4979BLOG IMG_5680It’s a small circle this month, but please check out Hope Davis Photography to see how her boys have grown.


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