We Were There {October} | Blog Circle 2014

I don’t know what happened. October just got away from me. Excuses are boring, right? I know it, but I’m in over my head these days and so things fell by the wayside. You forgive me, right?

I knew that you would.

I’ll give you October’s run down now, albeit a little late. Sean and I have made progress on the house. Just a little bit, but it makes me happy. We (and by we, I mean he) finally got around to using the last of the flooring that we bought to replace the laminate at the landing. We’re still torn about what to do with the stairs. They’re in terrible shape and make so much noise, but we don’t have it in the budget to replace them. Last week I sanded (almost all of) them down and now we’re at a stand still again. We could finish staining them. Sean said he’ll go underneath them again and try to put more screws into the risers and treads to stop them from creaking as much. They’re still crap, but at least they aren’t filthy carpet any more.

Based on history, we should get to finishing that sometime around April. Stay tuned.

Sean’s been gone a lot again. I sort of forget what he looks like. But the winter is supposed to be really slow, so I guess we just have to grin and bear it for now.

We took a little trip back home for Thanksgiving. As usual, it was too rushed and I feel like we didn’t get to visit with any one much. I already want to go back again. Soon, hopefully. Sean lost his overtime shift this weekend, so probably not as soon as I’d like. On the bright side, that means he’ll be home this weekend, so I can remember what he looks like again.

Everyone got sick this month. Both Nathan and Sean ended up in emerg with severe abdominal pain. Not their appendix, and not their gall bladders. Just some crazy virus. All is well now.

Nathan Emerg

And Hallowe’en. Most of the boy’s cousins came to trick or treat with us, which was nice. It was kind of a wet, miserable day, but that didn’t seem to bother the kids. Well, not most of them, anyway.  Benjamin was the grim reaper, Jacob was a storm trooper, Nathan was Darth Vadar (or, as he calls him, “Dark Badar”) and Alex was Yoda.  Ben brought home a garbage bag of candy, which he has already demolished.  Lessons in moderation for next year, I guess?  Jacob hid all of his candy in his pillow case WITH his pillow and thinks that no one knows where it is.  Nathan forgot all about his candy approximately .45 seconds after they got home from trick or treating.  Jacob’s class performed the Thriller dance, which was awesome.  Even Grandma was here to see it.  We also spent a day at Snyder’s Farm and enjoyed the hay ride and overpriced popcorn.

Halloween Thriller Snyders Farm

I had a great idea for a family photo for this month. Very fun and holiday appropriate. We didn’t get a chance to do it, though, with everyone sick and Sean working out of town so much. Like I said, the month got away from me. Maybe next year. All I have to share for this month are these, which aren’t anything special. Just a couple shots between mini sessions this month. I’ll try to do better for November.

Fall October


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