Snow {Love} Birds | Maternity {Acton, On}

Miranda and I have been friends for almost a decade.  In fact, if not for her, I never would have met my husband.  I guess you could say that the boys owe her their lives.  😉  When in doubt, marry into your best friend’s family.  It’s just good advice. Miranda and Kevin are expecting their […]

Frecklejuice | Grade School Portraits {Woodstock, On Photographer}

People were starting to ask where my poor, neglected little Jacob was.  I swear I only left him until last because he is the easiest of the bunch and I knew that we could hammer them out quickly enough.  He didn’t disappoint me at all.  And considering that September is not even finished, and I […]

All I Really Need to Know | Grade School Portraits {Woodstock, On Photographer}

“It’s the spirit here that counts. The time may be long, the vehicle may be strange or unexpected. But if the dream is held close to the heart, and imagination is applied to what there is close at hand, everything is still possible.” ― Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten Nathan […]

Endings | 10 on 10 Challenge

I’m excited to post my first collection of photographs for our 10 on 10 circle challenge.  After you finish reading this post, please stop over to see how Jena of Jena Asgari Photography interpreted this month’s challenge. This month’s challenge was to photograph “Endings“. Endings are hard to photograph.  Not only because they are often sad, but […]

Tales of a Fifth Grade Something | Grade School Portraits {Woodstock, On Photographer}

Fifth Grade.  FIFTH GRADE!!  Already!?? On his very first day of Junior Kindergarten, I was so anxious about letting him go that I rode the bus with him.  I was “that” mom.  Poor, embarrassed, horrified little man.  He was so ready to be independent already, even back then.  I was the one who had separation anxiety. […]

Red Thread | Adoption and Fostering {Princeton, On Photographer}

This post has been sitting on the back burner for a while, waiting to be published.  Waiting seems to be a theme here. Four years ago, these two beat tremendous odds to conceive their little boy.  One of the ways that they celebrated their joy was by documenting the experience of that pregnancy in photos. […]